Our Mission

We have always been on cutting edge of dyeing technology and continue to make product compatible with latest technology in fashion industries to service the high growth demand of global market. Lekos is the company that thinks twice for its customer. We promise you to secure the leading position in fashion and textile business in the 21 century by developing more valuable product that will lead the future textile and fashion industry.

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Only with your heart and soul to move the world fashion and textile global Market.

Lekos Dye & Finishing has been serving Greater Los Angeles area as a commission dye house since 1994. The extended network of customer ranges from New York to Los Angeles and Canada to Mexico. Our extremely seasoned staff and high control management allows to exceed customers needs with dyeing and finishing. The average years of management experience is 10 years.

We specialize in polyester fabrics, including poly ITY, DTY, acetate nylon. We also have tubular capability for 100% cotton. Lekos dyeing department is well-known for stripe fabrics such as poly/rayon, poly/cotton, and yarn-dyed stripes with bleeding control. Even woven fabrics and nylon/poly lace can be produced. Problems with imported fabrics can be remedied here.

We offer free pick up and delivery within the Greater Los Angeles area. Our in-house laboratory allows us with quick turn around in lab-dips and fabric testings.

We hold 95% customer retention since we pay close attention to every detail in producing even one sample roll. Our facility is located in Rancho Dominugez, 15 minutes south of Los Angeles.